BLM Wyoming Moves One Step Closer to Wild Horse Extinction


Late last week the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM Field Office revealed their newest plan to eradicate wild horses in part of the state, presumably to make room for additional livestock. This "Checkerboard" area of the state has long been a source of contention between private and public interests. The Rock Springs Grazing Association, which had historically consented to wild horse grazing on private lands, rescinded that consent suddenly and in 2011, filed a lawsuit against BLM. The draft Revised Management Plan Amendment released last week appears to be a capitulation to these private interests.

Today The Cloud Foundation issued a press release condemning the plan. Ginger Kathrens and TCF have decades of history fighting for the protection of wild horses in this area - and we vow to continue to take action to protect these Wyoming herds from eradication.

We will be sending regular alerts as well as comments on this plan (comment period ends April 30, 2020), so stay tuned for further updates!

For the wild ones,

Dana Zarrello
Deputy Director
The Cloud Foundation


But There's Also Some Good News From Wyoming

The Cloud Foundation and others have been helping to get a fledgling wild horse protection group off the ground in Wyoming. The group is called WYWHIP: Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership and was founded by advocates Christi Chapman and Mary Santagata. Our collective goal is to manage Wyoming's Red Desert HMAs with humane, reversible fertility control, eventually eliminating the need for large scale roundups completely. With BLM collaboration and partnerships, this dream is becoming a reality! Click below to check out WYWHIP's website and keep up on what's going on!


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